The Rules

These are the sign-up rules for First Timers. We’ve tweaked them a lot to make them work. Depending on your local context there are additions or language changes you might wanna make, but we would hope these rules remain standard. Why? There are some types of people who you are just much less likely to see on stage than others (because of structural inequalities that d.i.y isn’t immune from!) and these rules have been proven to strike the right balance in correcting that. Try ’em out:

The criteria below aren’t intended to exclude anyone.  To sign-up to play at First Timers, your band as a whole need to be able to say YES to at least TWO of these statements:

1) One or more of us has never played in a band before.

2) One or more of us identify as one (or more!) of the following: woman, trans, non-binary or gender-non conforming person, LGBTQIA+, person of colour, person with a disability (visible or non-visible)

3) One or more of us is playing or doing something in this band that they have never played or done before.

see ‘resources’ below for generic open access google forms for you to use to sign people up using these rules.