Putting on a First Timers event is fun!

You will need:

    • A friendly, accessible space for workshops and the gig (or gigs!)

      – Space is crucial! Get your venue (or a shortlist of possibles) lined up well in advance and make sure you know about its accessibility so that you can communicate this to those who are considering signing up. Find out how much it will cost so you can fundraise (perhaps through charging a small donation on the door at workshops, talks or socials) for the venue hire in advance.

    • Social media and flyers to spread the word

      Raise awareness about why you’re doing this, state the rules and what people should look for in a bandmate, drum up some hype about when the registration will be opening!

    • Forms to take sign-ups

      – To support people who want to start First Timers, I’ve made dummy versions of the Forms we’ve used for you to adapt. To use these, please make a copy to your local Google Drive and then ensure the spreadsheet feeds the responses to a local folder – don’t just edit over these dummy ones please, or noone else can take advantage of them!

      – Use the Registration Form to take sign ups for one month to six weeks
      – At least one month before the event, follow this up with the Confirmation Form to get the final list of who’s definitely playing and their tech spec.

    • Access to a photocopier for flyers and posters

      -Recruit local designers and artists to help! Remember to make sure the flyer is clear and easy to read. What’s the message?

    • Friends to help you get the word out and support with organising

      – Remember you’ll have to exchange several emails with each band, so if you have twenty sign up each with their own needs and worries, you’ll need help to coordinate all of this. More communication will be needed than usual for your average gig because you’ll be managing nerves, fears and anxieties too! Be Kind.

    • Those who can lend instruments and help facilitate workshops

      – Those who are already in enough bands or are pretty experienced already are often up for sharing their skills to support the cause, so don’t be afraid to ask.
      – We’ve run Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards and Synthesizers, Songwriting and Singing and Lyric-writing workshops, but the possibilities are really endless.

    • A sympathetic soundworker to keep things running smoothly at the gig

      – Running sound for bands who have never been on stage before takes a lot more work than usual, especially if you have more than twenty of them! Make sure there is a crew who can support each band with how to make the most out of their experience and a patient sound-worker who knows how to listen and respond to feedback.


      Maybe you’ve got lots of questions? Be in touch! or
      If you’re running a First Timers in your area let us know and we’ll add your info to this page!


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